Shorts – Taglines mostly

The Town of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

Get over it.
We warped the text, “Get over it.” into the shape of a bridge. The mission was to dispel the idea that Bridgewater was a sleepy rural town.

Canterbury Woodworks

Your room is waiting.
At press time they were still using this one.

Darrell’s Restaurants

15% 15 yard line special
This one didn’t make the cut but we still love it. The restaurant is smack dab in the middle of an East Coast Canadian University Football enclave. There is no 15 yard line in North American football but there was a 15% discount. You don’t win all of them but you have to keep going up to bat.

Hubbards & Area Business Association

Only $50 a year and we make change.
They still use this — and so they should.

The Graphic Language Company

Good work. Good value. I swear.
We don’t swear nearly as much around here as we used to — must be old age or more girls in the room. The good work and the good value haven’t changed one iota though.

Guaranty GMAC Realty

Get in. Sit down. Dream Big.
This, and the art that accompanied it, completely wrapping an entire MetroTransit bus from stem to stern in Halifax, Nova Scotia, was runner-up in a GMAC Realty marketing competition.

The Liquid Group of Companies

Walk on Water Service
It’s a commonly held belief that Bermuda has one of the highest ratios of churches to citizens in the world. Collectively, as a nation, Bermuda has always had a great sense of (sometimes self-deprecating) humour — almost everyone “got” that no disrespect was meant by the company’s way of expressing its mission to deliver amazing service.

Kisserup International Trade Roots

International Trade Roots
This tagline is still in use by a great Danish-Canadian-Caribbean company.

We’re all a loan.
One of our all time favourite taglines. It didn’t win the contest.

Paradise Coffee

A revolution is brewing.
Paradise Coffee introduced the concept of Keurig® single-cup brewing to Grand Cayman.

Tag Group

Your “it”
The word “your” was intentionally misspelled.

World Tuna Flat Races

Smells like fish. Tastes like beer. Sounds like Bluegrass.
We actually got away with this one. And people loved it.

3rd Plaice Winners
One of the award categories. Plaice is not a fish you’ll find near Hubbards, Nova Scotia — where the races are held each summer — but it is a fish.

Short-eared owl graphic courtesy Ómar Runólfsson

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