Queensland Beach, Nova Scotia

Back in the early days — before I had even registered “The Graphic Language Company Limited” as a business — I lived near Queensland Beach, Nova Scotia, so it made perfect sense to me to be andrew@queenslandbeach.com. People still find me this way, and I’m a sentimental old sod so that’s why I stuck with it.

Unlike me, Queensland Beach is still located on Nova Scotia’s South Shore, a half an hour drive west of Halifax. It’s arguably the most popular of the area’s Ten Beaches, a tourism initiative of the Hubbards and Area Business Association.

Queensland Beach, Nova Scotia with its famous Dalmatian rock hunting hound dog

Queensland Beach is a public, lifeguard-supervised beach in the “summer”, which can last anywhere from a few minutes to three or sometimes even four fabulous months in Nova Scotia. Not more.

You’ll find Queensland Beach lifeguard hours (A.K.A. when not to take the dog to the shore) and water temperature by following this link to the Nova Scotia Lifeguard Service or, better yet, drop in to see my BFF girls at Lola’s Landing just down the road “a ways” from Queensland Beach on the way to Hubbards. They can tell you things about the beach and the area, some of which you will have had no idea you even wanted to know. Tell them Andrew sent you. On second thoughts, don’t do that. And for the record — although I’m good with the whole mermaid thing, I played no part in choosing that ghastly mauve background for the Lola’s web site. That much you can tell them I said!

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